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Welcome to Manhattan Terrace, the only brothel in Melbourne CBD open 24hrs. Sex never sleeps so we're open 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 days a year, ready and waiting to please you.

Come in and visit us at our Swanston St location. We have plenty of parking available, a discreet rear entrance through Kelvin Place, and a private introduction format so you can meet each lady individually and discuss your personal requirements.

Alternatively, use our escort service and have one (or two) of our ladies meet you at your home or hotel.


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Manhattan Terrace

554-556 Swanston St, Melbourne, 3000

Brothel Ph: (03) 9347 6000
Escort Ph: (03) 9416 6201

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Call us right now to speak to one of our very friendly ladies who will help you find a woman perfect for your needs and desires and will send one of our lovely ladies to your home or hotel. Or, come in and visit us in our Melbourne CBD brothel on Swanston St.


Call: (03) 9347 6000


Call: (03) 9416 6201

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